Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thrifty Gifting Part 2: Bath Scrubber and Peach Scented Bath Soak

Total Cost: $2

I originally saw this tutorial on Flaming Toes and decided to give it a go. I had an empty bottle and lots of fabric in my craft supplies, and my pantry was stocked with all of the Oatmeal Green Tea Bath Soak ingredients, so all I needed was a new washcloth (I'm nowhere near thrifty enough to give away a used one). I picked up this grey cloth at walmart for $2, along with a 50 cent measuring spoon. Bonus: I only needed half of the washcloth, so I can make a second set for myself!

I didn't have all the teas in the bath soak recipe, so I just used some that smelled good to me: A white tea with peach, and some plain green tea.

I threw them in the coffee grinder with some oats, and then into the food processor with a bit of cornstarch and some dried milk. The end result was looking pretty and smelling like peaches!
I just dumped it into the jar I had on hand:
And put some coordinating fabric on the jar to spice it up:

For the bath scrubber, I sewed a tube for the handle, inverted it, and attached it to my backing fabric. I ruffled the wash cloth by running a stitch through 2 sides and gathering, then sewed the washcloth to the backing, right sides together, leaving a space to invert it. After inverting it, I closed the space with a top stitch. And voila! Finished bath scrubber: 

I added some fabric to pretty-up the spoon, and am now the proud owner of a thoughtful and thrifty gift for my mom. 

 Of course it just wouldn't be right to give it away without making sure it works, so I'm off to the tub!
(not with the washcloth, obviously. Ew.)

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